Monday, February 24, 2014

Music Monday 3# Where did Eminem Go?

The Monster - Eminem ft. Rhianna
Eminem is a memory of years gone by. My childhood.
When I was growing up Eminem was everywhere. Everybody either listened or knew some of the lyrics. I wasn't really a fan back then. I was a very good kid and I kinda felt like I'd get in trouble if my Mom seen my listening to him. But I'd listen to it at friends houses. My best friend at the times Aunt would always play it for us. You might be thinking " What a cool Aunt?" and yes that was the case but also she was young. Only 11 years older than us. So we always felt cool hanging out with her.
Anyways back to the "Where did he go" topic ?
I kinda miss hearing him on the radio.
Timber - Pitbull Ft. Kesha
I love blaring this in my car and singing along.
That's what I've been loving this past week, What about you?

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