Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wandering Colorado: Estes Park

Today I spent a lovely snow flurry filled day in Estes Park to celebrate my Moms upcoming birthday. We did a little walking, shopping and of course eating.


Elk hanging out in someone's front drive. There was 5 or more big guys just hanging out eating some grass.

Cracked open some local Geodes. You pick which one you want out of the cart and they crack it on the spot. You then pay whatever the number is on the outside of the rock. My brothers the one who wanted to do it. The silly thing is he's 25 years old. I guess he's wanted to do it since he was little. We all ended up having so much fun that our group bought four.

One of my cousins.
 My brothers before it was cracked.

And after. Very pretty on the inside. Would be very pretty on a book shelf.

Yummy and of so pretty looking candy apples.
The best Taffy I've ever had. So yummy and soft. One was called Texas Pecan and it was amazing. If your ever in town stop on by. They've been around since the 1930's. A must visit.

Poppy's the best pizza in town. I've been coming her ever since I was a little girl and it's a family favorite. I recommend the Straziante.
Had a lovely day in the mountains spending time with my family. Was a little cold and snowy but very enjoyable.
 My afternoon was filled with family, food and making memories. I hope you enjoyed you day as much as I did.
What did you do today?

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