Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reveiw: Eye Makeup Remover Liquid From Target

Hello, Lovelies
A few weeks back I went to Target looking for a Maybelline eye makeup remover, I figured that they would have it since they have a rather large beauty department.  But they didn't or at least I just didn't see it.  I ended up coming across this eye makeup remover and I thought
"what the heck I may as well try it."
It's Targets own brand: Eye Makeup Remover Liquid. The bottle says that is compares to  Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. But I don't know how true that is because I have never used the Neutrogena one. But with it being a name brand I bet it costs more than this one. So cost wise you may as well give this one a try.

I think it cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $4.00 dollars, So that isn't bad at all for a drugstore product that really works.

 I have to say I really like it! Sometimes I wear a smokey eye when going out and this takes it right off. I bought it because it seams like I can never get all of my mascara off and I'd wake up in the morning with smudges around my eyes and a bit of mascara still om my lashes and even worse on my pillow case. I thought it was about time that I look for an easy to use product that hopefully didn't burn my eyes.
And thankfully I finally found that product and it's very affordable. Yay!
From what I can tell on the back ingredient list it's Paraben Free.
I've heard in that past that Target's own brand is Cruelty Free
Oil Free

Made in USA
This will be my new go to eye makeup remover.


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  1. I love their (Target) makeup remover wipes. It doesnt leave your face feeling dried out and gets all of my makeup off in one sheet. :)

    Haley :-p