Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year And A New Life

Can you believe 2012 is over? I can and can't if that makes any since. This year had some great highs and really deep lows. The first of the year I was having a really hard time and I felt miserable, But I'm happy to say that things have looked up and I'm at a good point in my life. But this post is not dwelling on the past it's about making a bright future. Making new challenges and seeing them through to the best of my ability.
In this new year I really would like to stick to my new plans, maybe if I call them "Plans" or a "New way of living" and not resolutions I will be able to stick to them better. I am going to try my best. I fought through the first half of 2012 at a very low point but I dug my way back and I can conquer anything I set my mind to.
Buying Cruelty Free: I as you all know love my beauty products. I share them with you all, all of the time. But in 2013 I personally want to try to be better and buy more cruelty free products. I know in my life there will still be products that I use that aren't but I'm going to try my best to cut a few out.
Drinking More Water: I am a soda/pop addict, I try telling my self it's okay because I've never drank alcohol, done drugs or smoked. But it still isn't the best so I'm going to try my best to drink more water.
Working on my blog: This year I really want to get into my blog more and grow followers and write about more topics like: Food or Travel. So be on the look out for a lot more posts in 2013.
Volunteer: Sometime this year I would love to help out at an animal shelter or sanctuary, because helping out animals means a lot to me. I love my furry critters!
Be positive & Fearless: In 2012 I wasn't always positive. I looked at the glass half empty rather than half full and this year I'd like to change that. Try to be less anxious and nervous about the silly things in life, I want to try and be FEARLESS!
Be Healthy: I know this is on everyone's list. To lose weight and to workout. But this year it isn't on my. I mean yes of course' I'd love to lose weight who wouldn't?! For me though this year I just want to try and be healthy. Take walks, drink more water, eat less chocolate.
So those are my plans for this year and I really hope I can stick to them!
If you'd like to share any of your plans in the comments I'd love to read them.

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