Monday, April 17, 2017

Fashion | Stilnest Anna Saccone - Joly Zodiac "Sagittarius" Sign Necklace

I am back after another long pause in blogging and like I always say in the past I will be back blogging more... I really hope to keep that promise this time.
So I am back with something I've wanted to share with you all for months now and just haven't got around to doing so. I've had this piece since around November or a little before and I have worn it almost every day since it arrived. It's my zodiac sign necklace from Anna Saccones collection with Stilnest.
This collection was designed by one half of the popular British vlogging couple Anna Saccone of "The Saccone - Joly's." A little story on how the collection came to be:
 "One of Anna Saccone’s signature items is her Scorpio star sign necklace. This piece is not only jewellery to her, but a really personal talisman. Anna explains, “Unfortunately I can’t tell you where it’s from because it belonged to my dad before me and I inherited it from him. He was a Scorpio too, I was actually born the day before his birthday… I was his birthday present!”
I love how the collection was inspired by a piece of jewelry she inherited from her late father. When it was first released last year I was interested in getting one of the gold charms in my zodiac sign but held off because of the price and not knowing if I'd wear it enough to justify it. But I ended up buying it and loving it. I've worn it nearly nonstop since receiving it last November; I can see it becoming a piece I will love for a long time and even pass on. My baby niece is also a "Sagittarius" so one day I might pass it on to her.
Now I am not one of those firm believers in astrology I just like personalized things like this so; I understand if you're like "Zodiac signs are a bunch of BS!" . I just think these necklaces are a beautiful piece of jewelry.
This necklace comes in 3 different finishes 925 silver, 925 silver rose gold plated, or like mine 925 silver gold plated. And it comes in 3 different chain lengths l (31.5cm) , m (23.5cm) , s (17.5cm).
The quality is beautiful! This would make a wonderful gift for anyone. Great idea for a Mothers Day gift, because ladies & gents don't forget about your Mamas it's just around the corner.
 While you are there don't forget to look at all the other cool collections Stilnest has to offer.
I hope you all are having a beautiful Monday afternoon.
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