Friday, September 11, 2015

DIY: Terrarium Necklace | A Fun Fall Do It Yourself Project

Terrariums seam to have recently made a huge comeback over the past couple of years. You see DIY ideas all over Pinterest and they are used in high end home décor in many different style magazines. A new thing I've been seeing is mini terrariums being turned into a necklace. Which is such a cute little idea, So I thought why not try and make one myself.
 So todays post is a easy do it yourself necklace perfect to layer with other jewelry & sweaters this fall season.
What you'll need:
Glass Vile with cork top
Mini Mushrooms
Screw Eyes
Chain or Leather Lace
1. Start off by layering the different mosses at the bottom of the vile, You can use a pencil or a paint brush to push the moss down. 2. Measure how long you want the Mushrooms and cut the wire end with scissors or wire cutters. Then push them into the middle of the moss. If you still see the wire add more moss and arrange it using the end of a brush or something similar that will fit around the mushrooms. 3. Add the screw eye to the center of the cork topper, to make sure it doesn't pull out you can add a little glue to the end. 4. You can then add a chain or leather lace. Whichever you prefer. I personally like the look of the leather ( you can  always use faux.).
If you are wondering where to buy Miniature Mushrooms I bought mine at Michaels in the doll/fairy garden section. The brand is Sparrow Innovations.
This world be really cute for a woodland fairy Halloween costume if it's not your everyday style.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, And that it was easy to follow. If you make one for yourself I'd love to see it, Please tag me on Twitter or Instagram @ ChicCountryGirl
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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  2. Love this. I adore plants so much. and I especially love them when they are in cute mini containers. Btw, I followed you on GFC and Bloglovin. Hoping to get a follow back.


  3. An east or west window will do the trick, or a south-facing location, if there is a glass curtain between the window and the container. Super

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