Thursday, July 10, 2014

DIY: Perfect Summertime At Home Pedicure

Hello! Lovelies
Ladies you know what Summertime means, It's flip flop wearing weather. So we need to keep our feet & toes looking nice. I myself am completely modified at the idea of going to a nail salon, all the germs and funk waiting to latch on to you in those kind of places, and don't get me started on a stranger touching my feet. YUCK!

I may not be the best at Mani Pedi's but I try my best. Another plus to doing your own pedicure is cost. Its nearly half the cost or more depending on the products you use.
Today I was invited by the lovely people over at Julep to create my perfect summer pedicure.
And this is what I came up with. It's super simple but that's personally how I like my toe nails to look. I don't like them to flashy.
 When I do my pedicures at home first off I start by filing my toe nails and buffing off any dry skin on my feet. Then I'll fill a small tub with warm water to soak my feet in. I normally then break off pieces of Lush bath bombs and add in but today I didn't have any so I used a bath salt, which works just as good. You can use whatever you have. (A product shown that I didn't end up using was "Sally Hansen airbrush legs" which is great if you are pale and want a tan without any harmful rays.)
 Then once I've soaked my feet I'll dry them off and apply a good layer of lotion to lock in the moisture. After I've let the lotion dry a bit. I apply a base coat and let that dry a few minutes and apply my color. I'll let my color dry a good 15 minutes before applying another coat otherwise it seams as though I get a lot of air bubbles. Once both coats are completely dry I'll add a clear top coat to help the polish last longer.
I was inspired by the flowers in my garden today. So I went with a pretty purple color and to top that off I added a rhinestone flower to my toe nails.
Like I said their isn't anything flashy about this look just simple, and girly. Perfect for the summer!
Products I used:
I hope you enjoyed this post and it inspired you to DIY your next pedicure.
Make sure you check out all the amazing polish & nail care products Julep has to offer.

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