Monday, January 20, 2014

Review: Nail Rock Nail Glitter - Pink Glitter Nails

Hello, Lovelies
Last week I posted a posting scheduled. If you seen it throw it out. Don't let it block your mind like it did mine. I'm going back to how things were before. On random days with random topics and posts.
On to the topic of hand. Nail Rock Nail Glitter. I received this fun nail polish in one of my beauty boxes recently and thought it looked very pretty. So today I thought I give it a go and see how it worked out. In this little box you receive a light baby pink color and a gorgeous Rosy pink glitter.
Now with that being said who doesn't love Glitter, Everyone I think enjoys a good sparkle. The one thing I don't like about glitter is once you use it for any reason its hard to get back into its original container.

I've tried the Caviar/bead nails and I didn't enjoy those. They just kept falling of so I put a top coat over them but that didn't work at all. So when I tried this I figured it would be just like that. Which to be truthful It kind of was. The Glitter did fall off. But it still looked good, as for the beads when they'd fall off your nails they'd look terrible. In the end I didn't want Glitter going everywhere so I used a top coat. As you can see in the above picture it worked pretty well. I wouldn't say it looked as nice as if you weren't using a top coat but this way it will last longer and I won't have a mess.
Now I wouldn't use the top coat if I just wanted them to look nice for the evening. Say going out with friends or for my Birthday.
Overall this is a very fun nail product. Any girl will love! And they are easy to find.
Under $10
Available at Walmart
Messy (But, Fun!)
Have you tried Glitter Nail kits by this brand or any other?
4 stars ★★★★
 Disclaimer: Any photos used are mine unless otherwise posted with a * . I was not sent this item to review. The opinions are 100% my own.

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