Monday, January 13, 2014

Recent Reads: A Lion Called Christian by Anthony Bourke & John Rendall

A few years back a video was posted to YouTube showing a England born Lion in the Wilds of Africa embracing his former owners after a year of being rehabilitated into the wild of Africa.
Christians life started with being born to captive parents in an English zoo. He and his sister were later sold to the London department store Harrods, where friends Ace & John who recently had moved to London from Australia bought Christian. It's hard to believe you could just go to a department store in London during the 60's and buy an exotic pet like buying a Labrador at your local pet store.
But this story is about so much more than two people buying a lion in London. It's about love, respect and an unbelievably strong bond between two humans and a lion.

This story starts off with Christian living his life in a London shop coincidentally called Sophisticat. For part of his young life he even walked on a leash like a dog. But only months after they bought Christian he began to outgrow his London lifestyle. That's when Ace & John meet Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna who starred in the film Born Free who intrudes them to George Adamson who was working in Africa rehabilitating lions and working on building his own pride.

This is a journey across foreign lands, new sights and foreign ideas. The incredible life of Christian The Lion.

The video reunion of Christian, Ace & John
This book is wonderful, one of the best books I've read in a very long time. If you are an animal lover you'll love this story.
Have you read this? If so what did you think? (Of course, I know you loved it!)

5 stars ★★★★★
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