Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Is Coming...

I can't believe Christmas is almost here. 1 week & 1 day away until Christmas eve, this month has flown by so fast. This past weekend we finished up some shopping which wasn't the best of ideas because Target is busy on the weekends as it is let alone during the Holidays. It was just CRAZY.
The shopping mall where Target is in my town was insane, people everywhere, cars honking, police directing traffic, and all this in my town and it's not even that big. I wonder what it must be like last minute Christmas shopping in the city it must be scary. :(
While at Target this weekend I bought the Jason Wu Ornaments that are a part of the Nieman Marcus & Target Holiday Collection. And I have to say that yes $49.00 dollars for 3 ornaments is a lot, but they are well worth the price tag. They are beautiful! And nicely made. Plus save the box and it will be a nice little set of ornaments to pass down through the family or even one day sell on Ebay. ;)
This weekend was also spent making up our Christmas Crackers. Our original plan was to make our own but we have never made them before and we didn't know how well it would work out so last minute we went out and bought them, but still filled them up with our candy. If you don't know what a Christmas Cracker is they are:
"Christmas crackers or bon-bons are an integral part of Christmas celebrations in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as the United States of America to a lesser degree. They are also popular in Ireland. A cracker consists of a cardboard tube wrapped in a brightly decorated twist of paper, making it resemble an over sized sweet-wrapper. The cracker is pulled by two people, and, much in the manner of a wishbone, the cracker splits unevenly. The split is accompanied by a small bang or snapping sound produced by the effect of friction on a chemically impregnated card strip (similar to that used in a cap gun). One chemical used for the friction strip is silver fulminate, which is highly unstable.
Crackers are typically pulled at the Christmas dinner table or at parties. In one version of the cracker tradition, the person with the larger portion of cracker empties the contents from the tube and keeps them. In another each person will have their own cracker and will keep its contents regardless of whose end they were in. Typically these contents are a coloured paper hat or crown; a small toy, small plastic model or other trinket and a motto, a joke, a riddle or piece of trivia on a small strip of paper.via Wikapedia

I have never had a Christmas Cracker before so I think this should be a fun experience, something new for my family to try on Christmas eve.
Me and my Mom also drove around our neighborhood looking at Christmas lights, which is always fun.
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I hope everyone had a nice weekend and spent time with family & friends getting ready for Christmas.

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