Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Lush Experince

Hello, Lovelies

Some of you may have heard of Lush and if you haven't
 it's a store that sell Natural Animal & Earthy Friendly bath & body products.

"100% Vegetarian
100% Against Animal Testing
 80% are vegan

67% are preservative free,
46% are packaging free (naked)."

Who doesn't love that?

Colorado has two Lush stores I believe one in Boulder and the other in Aspen (I think?)
I had heard about Lush from Beauty Guru's on Youtube about a year or two ago.
I had wanted to go for a long time but was afraid of ordering online and not liking the smells, so 2 weekends ago I was going to be in Boulder and thought "What the heck lets stop by Lush."

So me and my Mom did.

We bought:

Tisty Tosty $6.25

Honey Bee $6.40
Pheonix Rising $6.95
Tiny Hands $7.95
Honey I Washed The Kids Soap $13.95 (Yikes, That's alot for a chunk of soap!)
So we paid and left, Like anyone would do after shopping at a store.
By the time we got home we relized that they hadn't give us everything we took too the counter and aslo that the sales girl had over charged us.
Which really sucked cause' I live nowhere near Boulder and never go there.
So the next day we ended up calling the store and it took us a few days to get ahold of the manager,
But she was very nice and helpful.
So with the money extra they over charged me I bought two of the
Vanilla Fountains $6.25
(Which was the item they didn't give me and the number one product I wanted to try.)
and a
Ickle Baby Bot $3.95
they were also kind and sent me a few samples. Which was nice of them to do cause' they didn't have too.
In the end I would reccomend Lush but id make sure since nothing has price tags on them that they don't over charge you. My next purchase will be online.
Be on the look out for a Lush review SOON!
PS Id still reccomend Lush Boulder,CO to friends & family and any followers that may live in the area.


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