Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chile Peppers Burns...OH NO!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday afternoon.
This afternoon I've spent time burning my fingers & my lungs.
"Why you may ask?"
We'll we took alittle trip to a local Veggie stand kinda like a mini Farmers Market, And
we bought roasted Chile peppers and some green beans.
And If you have never gone out and bought Chile peppers and had them roasted
it can kinda be a HOT pain in the BUTT..Which it wasn't as bad this year cause'
we only bought 1/2 a bushel instead of a hole which was a real good idea.
But none the less the peppers still burnt my skin. Having sensitive skin isn't always fun
(Okay, It's NEVER fun)
But I had to truck along and help out which I didn't mind at all cause' when
we make Chili, Green Chili & Tortilla Soup it will be all worth the burning hands
because it is SO tasty.
Oh and just a little tip. If you ever have a burn from hot peppers soak your skin in Milk.
Last year when we did the bushel my hands took a real beating and I had to fill up a bowl of milk and soak my hands in it, and it really helped.
(So many peppers)
And then I had to clean & cut Green beans but that was so easy.
Cause' now tonight I'll be eating a yummy Steak,Potato & Bean dinner.
How my Mama makes beans is the BEST.
Slow cooker all day with butter & bacon, Yum yum!
So that's what my wildy & crazy day has consisted of. ;)
Hope everyone's having a nice day!

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