Thursday, August 1, 2019

DIY | Build your own Terraium


I have recently become obsessed with planting succulents. I've always loved them but in the past i haven't always been great at keeping them alive. But with some prayers, water and help from the sun I am braving the plant world.

No more fake succulents & cacti for me. Nah who am I kidding i'll probably still buy some if in the Target dollar spot.

What you'll need:

Glass container / planter


Rocks & Sea glass


Succulents, Cacti & or air plants


Start off by putting a small layer of rocks. These don't have to be fancy or decorative, this is just for a layer of drainage.
Then cover with dirt. 2-3 inch layer.

Select the plants & succulents your wanting. Loosen the dirt on the bottom and dampen the roots. Arrange in a pattern of your liking.

Cover dirt areas with moss. And place rocks, & sea glass around

Water with a spray bottle once week. 

Terrariums can be made in so many different fun containers. This was a candle holder that I found at a thrift store.

Things you could use:
Glass jewelry boxes 
Vintage tins
Mason Jars

The list is really endless.


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