Friday, December 11, 2015

DIY: Snow Globe Mason & Apothecary Jars | A Winter Wonderland In a Jar

Hello! Lovelies
 Glass jars, faux tress, & glitter: what more does a girl need? But seriously those three things make for a beautiful and chic Christmas display. And the great thing is that its simple and easy to do. You can also pick from many different jar shapes & sizes. White trees, green big or small. You can make these 100% unique to you and your Christmas décor.
You'll need:
Glass Jars
Faux Snow
Faux Trees
Mini Heidi Swapp Kraft Houses
1. Start off by selecting your jars. A great place to look for affordable glass jars is: Hobby Lobby & Vintage stores. For this tutorial I have used mason and apothecary jars.
2. If you can't find miniature Heidi Swapp houses you can skip those and look at the village & doll house section for miniatures to use instead
3. I then glittered my house with two different glitters. One for the roof and the outside walls. You could also use decoupage or paint them.
 4. While you are waiting for your glitter or paint to dry on your house fill up your jars with snow.
5. Once glitter or paint is dry place your tree and house inside your jar.
Optional: If using a mason jar and plan on making it a proper snow globe you will need to glue your tree to the underside of the lid. Also if making for a child or want to shake you'll need to do that as well so it doesn't move around.


If you make a DIY snow globe for yourself i'd love to see a picture, tag me on Instagram or Twitter @ChicCountryGirl

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend & a great Christmas.

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