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KikkiK Planner Review + My Planner Essentials

Hello, Lovelies!
Planners seam to be something people think of at the beginning of the year, not something they think of in May but personally I think "Why not?!" there is no rule saying you can't get organized part way through the year. I've seen a lot of planners that start in June 2015 and go to June 2016. I recently bought the Kikki.K Large Personal Planner in Dark Mint. I had looked at lots of different options but I thought this would best fit my needs. Plus you can easily refill it since its in binder form and you can even use different planner pages if you don't want to use the Kikki.K ones year after year.
These planners are more than just a place to jot down where you need to be and at what time. For a lot of people they've become a mini scrapbook and a creative outlet. You can make your pages look however you'd like. That's what I like most about the Kikki.K planner you can add lots of different bits and bobs.
They've become known as Life Planners. Their is a whole Planner Community out there that I never knew existed much like a lot of you I assume.



Kikki.K  Review:
My planner is a beautiful Mint, Tiffiany Blue-esque color. It's amazingly designed with great function. It has a multiple slots and pockets on the inside front section along with a zippered pocket. Great for receipts or business cards, maybe coupons. Things you want to keep on hand and easy to find. It also comes with two note pads. One small in the front and a large one in the back.
It came with different sections to write stuff down: Meetings, To Do, Calendar.
The only thing I didn't realize when ordering was that It didn't come with a daily week by week calendar. So once it arrived I had to order that. That is really my only complaint I wish they would described the calendar a bit more and mentioned that if you want the day to day that you should also order that. When you buy it you just fill in the days. Where the other has the day written down ie. May 7, 2015. With a large section to decorate and write down the days events.
The Kikki.K comes with a few stickers but none that are overly fancy or fun. But for extra you can buy different sticker books and accessories on their site.
I love this planner. I can't wait to use it for years and year to come.
Easy to use site + Fast international shipping. I live in CO and it came from Australia
Price, They aren't the cheapest planner you will find but worth the $79.99 I paid
5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆
My planner essentials:
This can be adapted into any planner. If you don't have the Kikki.K that is fine.
  • Pens: One nice plain black pen. Another nice thing to have if you like color is Gel Pens, I bought a huge pack at my local Hobby Lobby for under $10 with their 40% coupons they offer in their app.
  • Stickers: Oh how I love planner stickers. So many different styles and shops to choose from. Of course you can buy any stickers but planner stickers are so much fun. They have ones for all different activities. My favorite shops are Alex Studio, Station Stickers, &  Girl Is Crafti
  • Washi Tape: Washi tape is a forum of decorative Japanese masking tape . In comes in hundreds of colors and designs. You can use it all sorts of  ways. My favorite stores to buy from are: Mail Box Happiness , & Mind The Wrap. You can also find generic forms of Washi at Walmart, Target and local craft stores.
  • Sticky Notes: All different colors, shapes & sizes.
  • Inspirational cards: We R Memory Keepers "Albums Made Easy" available at Walmart. Or higher end versions from Heidi Swapp. Avalible at Joann Fabric.
Those are all my most have items for creating a fun yet functional planner/scrapbook.
I would love to hear about your must have products. Also would love to see your planners tag me on Instagram @ ChicCountryGirl

Disclaimer:This post was 100% created by me. I was not asked to post about any of the products. All photos are credited to this site TheChicCountryGirl. Please give credit if used in any way.

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