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Thrifting For Fashion | How To Become A Thrift Store Fashionista

Hello! Lovelies
Since today is Earth Day I thought I'd share some ways you can be Eco Friendly and look fabulous while doing so. Thrifting! Thrift shops have been around forever, since our Grandmothers time and before. But not until recently has it been the "Cool" thing to do. I've worn Thrift shop & consignment items since I was a child. But needless to say I wasn't much of a fan back then. I was embressed at the thought of someone finding out I was wearing used clothes. But fast forward to now, I am in my early 20's and I'm addicted to thrifting. It's become my hobby and my job.
I will look for almost anything at a thrift store. For years I thrifted but never in the clothing section until real recent. I still had the voice in my had like when I was a little girl saying "What if someone finds out this outfit was from the thrift store?!?" and what if they do, Who cares?!? If they think less of me because I bought from a second hand shop then they aren't worth being around. The thing I like most about Thrifting is the thrill of the hunt. You just never know what you're going to find. Some trips you might not find nothing at all and then others you might walk away with a Vintage Leather Jacket for $10 or less. Maybe even something designer. You just can never predict what you will find. All you need is a little time to look and patience.

What to look for:

  • Items that you know you'll wear. No point in buying everything you see that is a good deal. Otherwise it will sit in your closet taking up space and you'll have wasted your money.

  • Jackets & Coats: I find the nicest blazers, leather jackets , & wool winter coats. Why spend $100.00-$500.00 dollars on a jacket when you can find nice quality and even designer brands for $30 and under. Last winter I bought 10+ jackets and coats in different styles and colors. Some for as little as $5 and the most being around $15 all from my favorite local thrift shop.

  • Denim: Jeans can be so pricy these days and for the most part they are not a thing you will have for years and years. They tend to get holes or stained maybe stretched out or faded. Why not buy them pre-loved?! Sometimes you can even find them with their original tags. Just make sure they are in good condition and fit your shape.

  • Sizes: Look for your normal size. But also look in the smaller and bigger sections too. Sometimes things will get stuck in the wrong section or a different brand might run big or small. I've bought sizes I would never have looked at while shopping at a "normal" department store.

  • Try before you buy: Try things on if you can. It's better than spending money and it doesn't fit or looks funny on. Remember most true thrift stores won't take returns. If I'm at my favorite local shop which all the clothes are washed before they are hung on the racks I will try it on first. But if I'm at a bigger store like Good Will I usually don't try things, other than maybe trying them over a tank top I'm already wearing.

  • What to wear while shopping: Wear something that is easy to get in and out of if you plan on trying on clothes. Maybe a simple tank that way you can try sweaters, tops and jackets without trying to put it on over something bulky.

  • Discount Days: Find out if your local shops offer discounts on different days of the month or special colored tags.

What to avoid:
  • Items with holes or stains. For the most part you probably won't be able to fix them.
  • Items that don't fit. No point in spending money on something you can't wear. I've only ever bought one item that I knew was to small. It was a Donna Karan Black Label blazer from the 90s. Which is beautiful! And I only paid $5 so I am okay that it doesn't fit. Maybe one day.
  • Dry cleaning: If your not a fan of dry cleaning due to that fact it's not good for the enviorment or your wallet try avoiding those pieces of clothing. I have bought a few blazers & coats that said Dry Clean only and have washed them on the hand wash cycle and they've came out beautiful and most importantly clean. You just have to take the risk.  Or you can try Woolite at Home Dry Cleaner they help to clean & freshen up your Dry clean only items. They are cheap and eco friendly. 
  • Weekend shopping & Sales: Either try to avoid them or show up early otherwise everything is picked over. In my experience Monday Morning/Mid afternoons are the best. People tend to donate on weekends.
  • What to avoid: Make sure any zippers aren't broken or hard to open & close. Make sure all buttons and beads are there.
 These are just a few of the tips I've picked up over the years by trial and error thrift shopping. Don't get frustrated and give up if you don't find something on your first trip out or if you buy something with a hole. Heck I bought a beautiful silky velvet top on Monday and after I came home washed it and planned on wearing it the next day I discovered that low and behold it had a rather large hole in the arm that I had missed. Luckily I was kind of able to salvage it enough to wear a few times at least. Mistakes happen don't beat yourself up over them. Just keep searching and have fun, while saving the planet & your wallet!
Some of the treasures I've found over the years have included, higher end mall denim new with tags $4, Free People top new with tags $5, Authentic Fendi Handbag in great condition $3. Vintage Jackets $15 & Under. Vintage handbags dating as old as 1920s for a few dollars or less.  I always look for Vintage, It's one of my favorite things to shop for. If it's lasted that long than I should be able to get a few more wears out of it. I bought a beautiful nautical inspired navy blue sweater that was handmade in the 1950's in Naples, Italy for a few bucks. You can find so many amazing and interesting things at a thrift shop, the saying is true
 "One man's trash another man's treasure."
What's the best treasure or deal you've found?
Happy Earth Day....Happy Thrifting!

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