Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall 2014: How To Make The Trends Work For You

Hello! Lovelies

If you are anything like me than you take fall very seriously, and you love it more than any other season of the year. There is nothing like wearing a cute sweater and boots, walking down the side walk having leaves fall above your head from the tree tops and seeing them  dance among the ground when a light autumn breeze blows through. 

Fashion is something everyone can love, you don't have to look like a size 0 runway model to appreciate a nice jacket or beautiful pair of shoes. Now I am not a size 2, 4 or even 6 but I can still love fashion. I believe there should be no rules in fashion. Have fun with it. Life is to short not to go around wearing something you don't like because your afraid someone else won't like it or you for wearing it. Be brave this fall, wear what you want.

My Favorite Fall trends for this year are:


Norse/Fair Isle





When you are looking through the trends don't take everything so literal or you'll end up looking like a stereotype of what a cowgirl looks like or a bolt of plaid fabric from the craft store. And that might not be the best look. Also don't try and find every piece from a show you loved by a top designer, remember it was a show and not somebody wearing their everyday outfit. Plus not all of us can afford such looks. Take inspiration from an outfit you like and manipulate it into something that would fit your lifestyle and taste.

My first collection shows how you can work with plaid. May it be a simple sneaker or backpack or a bold statement jacket. Pick one piece and have fun. The second shows how to mix fair isle patterns with my love for western flair. And then last but not least knits and fur. I love a good knitted sweater for the fall months and maybe you want a little extra texture and warmth add a nice faux fur vest. (Cause' who these days wear real?!? It's just cruel.)

I hope some of my ideas in my collection helped you think of ways to pair old staple pieces in your closet with new trends. 

I hope your 24 hours or so of Fall has been a nice one. I'd love to hear what trends you've been loving and how you'll incorporate them into your style.



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