Friday, August 29, 2014

Foodie Friday: Looka Patisserie Macarons - Frozen Macarons?

Hello! Lovelies
Today's "Foodie Friday" is a bit different but kinda fun, or at least I think so. Recently while shopping I seen that you can buy Macarons in the frozen section of Walmart "Who knew?!". All for under $8 a dozen. I love Macarons, I think they are one of the prettiest and tastiest little desserts. So when I seen these I just had to try them. 

Now I live in a smaller town so I don't always get to treat myself to a Macaron but when I do it's a good day. I wasn't sure how these would taste but I really enjoyed them. If you are French or get to have LadurĂ©e often these might not be your cup of tea. 

These came with four flavors
& Pistachio.

I personally thought they were all great but my favorite were the Vanilla & Pistachio, they had the best taste and over all texture.

These would be great to have at your party. They are such a small treat but they make a big statement.  I think they'd be a party hit. 

I wish more companies would come out with tasty frozen Macarons because where I live they are hard to find.

I can't wait to have more.

Have you ever tried frozen Macarons?

4 stars


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