Monday, April 7, 2014

Wandering Colorado: Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave - Golden Lookout Mountain

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. My family and I spent the day out in Golden on Lookout Mountain. Our plan was to visit a few places but due to un-expected carsickness driving up the winding sides roads of Lookout Mountain my stomach just couldn't handle driving to our next destination. But we did arrive at Buffalo Bills Grave & Museum.

We do plan to go back In a few weeks to the other places we wanted to visit.

Other than the car ride. It was a lovely outing.


This headdress along with one owned by Siting Bull were amazing to see in person. To see the craftsmanship and the detail up close.


The blue dress adorned with elk teeth. Owned by Siting Bull's wife. Included was a picture of her in her home. The Native American artifacts were some of my favorite items on display at the museum. I loved all the different beaded works of art.

The above middle photograph is of a beautiful lamp that Bill gave to his daughters. It was stunning! I wish I could buy a lamp like that for my home.
Siting Bull's headdress.
The view from Lookout Mountain was incredible. You have views of Golden and the Denver skyline. The weather wasn't the best that day so I can only image what it would look like on a clear day. I would love to be on Lookout Mountain at night to see the cities lights. 
Then in these last three pictures are the reason for the whole thing. William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody's grave. It sits atop the highest point of land at the museum overlooking the city.

A beautiful resting place for a Wild West man.

I learned so much about Bill that I never knew before. A lot about his death and burial that I was never quite sure which one was truth or tale. The legends and the myths that were Buffalo Bill.

Once we came to the end of the museum I was ready for more and then I learned we were at the exit. Which made me sad I wanted to know more about this man. But in a semi-small museum they pack a lot of things to see.

So if you are ever in the Golden area I would recommend a stop at The Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave

Adult Tickets:
$5.00 each
Oh and they also had a very nice gift shop. I'm a sucker for a good gift shop! :)


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