Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: Benefit Cosmetic Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer

Over the past week and a half I've been testing out a new product in hopes I'd like it enough to tell you all about it.

This product came out a few months back. And I've been eyeing it for some time now wondering if it was worth some of the hype I had heard around the beauty blogosphere. And well let me tell you, it is!
I have used this product about 4-5 times. With great results. The true test was on Saturday night when I wore it to a concert. If any of you have ever been to a concert before you know that sweat happens. Between the heat of the venue and being jam packed in their like sardines in a can.
From 6pm-11:30pm when I got back home my make up still looked lovely.
Now for everyday I wouldn't where this product. Even though I'm currently wearing it. I don't think its necessary for everyday use. Just another product piled on your face.
Cause' lets face it, Wearing loads of makeup everyday isn't very good for our skin.
(Even though I'm guilty of the crime myself.)
With that all being said I would really recommend using this product for special occasions or on a date. Or if you really want to everyday.
It's a great product.
Price $32.00 (Will last awhile though)
5 Stars ★★★★★
Would love to hear if you've tried this products and your thoughts on it.
Disclaimer: Any photos used are mine unless otherwise posted with a *. I was not sent them to review. The opinions are 100% my own.

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