Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our Garden

Hello, Lovelies

(So many flowers at the Garden center) 
As you all know this past Sunday was Mothers Day in the US. And my Mom wanted her garden re-vamped, so since Saturday we've been working on accomplishing that for her.
It took awhile but as of this morning we are pretty much done. So I thought y'all might want to see some before and after pics.
We did both flowers & veggies.
Cherry Tomato
Roma Tomato
Cherokee Tomato
Bell Peppers (Green & Yellow)
Hot Peppers
Yellow zucchini
Yellow Squash
From previous years we had rhubarb, chives & thyme. They come back every year.
As for the flowers we planted lot's of different kinds.
I had so much fun yesterday shopping at our local Garden center. They have so many fun things. I could easily send $5,000+ in that shop. But sadly I don't have that much money to spend.


We used an Antique Copper Water tub as a flower pot. A great way to make something unique that not everyone has. We picked up the tub at a local flea market. It's fun to re-use something old and turn it into something different and new.



So that is what our Garden is looking like. After days of work in 80+ degree heat. Once everything starts to grow more I will share pictures with you.
Still need to pull some weeds and at some point we want to add gravel to the sections where we walk but I think it's coming along nicely.
Lets hope this year I don't find any rattlesnakes in my garden like I did last year. They need to stay in the filed away from me.

PS. If you have a Garden I'd love to hear what you planted.

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  1. I wish we had a garden. We have moles so bad here! :(