Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review: Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation

Hello, Lovelies
Today I'm back with another Beauty Review. This time on a foundation.
A couple weeks back I was grocery shopping at Walmart and thought I'd stop by the makeup department to take a look and see what was new. I had been thinking about trying a new Drugstore foundation, I was currently using Revlon Colorstay which is around $10-$12 dollars depending on where you buy it. And I know that isn't alot considering the price of high end foundation but I do go through a bit of it and the drugstore does have cheaper options.
Many beauty bloggers & YouTube beauty gurus have recommended a few different Rimmel London foundations so I thought id take a look.
I ended up buying the
Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation
Price $4.00-5.00
Which is half the price of my other foundation. So I thought I'd give it a go and see how I liked it.
I'm the shade 250 Classic Beige

Here's a picture of half my hand so you can see what the Finnish looks like.
I have used this foundation twice now and I wasn't happy with it either times. It's very liquidy, it has a strong stinky smell which I don't like at all. And it's very greasy. And I don'y have oily skin, I have very dry skin and I live in a very dry state so I can't image what this would do to my skin if it were humid outside or the summer.
I tested this two times with two different powders to set it. One from Revlon and the other Covergirl. Neither of them helped. When I touched my face it felt very greasy.
It got all over my sunglasses where they touched my face and my cellphone. I was not happy with that at all. When wearing it, it made my face feel yucky. I would not recommend this to anyone. Don't waste $5.00 on this foundation, If your looking for a cheap drugstore foundation I recommend trying Covergirl. They have much higher quality foundation than this product.
The coverage it gave
My Expectations of this Product:
I wasn't planning on it being life changing but I tought I'd give it a go, And hoped it would be nice since the price was cheap.
Would You recommend?
NO! Not at all.
1 Star, That's because the coverage was okay
I'd love to hear if you've tried this and how it worked for you?

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