Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: Khroma Beauty By The Kardashian

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I received a few pieces of the Kardashians new beauty line Khroma
for my birthday from my lovely mother, which I had specifically asked for.
I had hoped since the Kardashians love makeup that they'd come out with a good makeup line.
Last Sunday was my birthday and she gave them to me, my first impression
was how bad the quality of the packaging was. I know the line isn't overly expensive
but still other drugstore makeup has much better packaging than Khroma.
I ended up getting Kim & Khloe's palette and their mascara pack that came with four of their different mascaras.

Mascara Quartet $19.99

Khloe's Kdazzle Palette $12.99

Kim's Kdazzle Palette $12.99

The Kim palette is the the only product I will be keeping and that is only because I opened it and swatched it. The other two products I will be returning to Ulta.
The shadows aren't pigmented at all nor is the bronzer. The blush is okay but I bet I will rarely use it. I feel like for $12.99 you can buy better palettes or just save up for a higher quality one in general.

They were set higher than what I received. I was thinking since they talk about how much they love beauty products that they'd come out with something worth our money.

Would You recommend?
Not at all! I wouldn't waste your hard earned money on this line. If you can't afford high end makeup, I'd try ELF studio their quality is better, the price is great & they are cruelty free!!!

So unless you are a die hard Kardashian Family fan I wouldn't go looking for this makeup line.

If you have tested any of this line id love to hear how you liked it in the comments below.


All products were birthday gifts. I wasn't paid or sent anything to do this review. The opinions are 100% mine.
The photos are stock photos.

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