Monday, October 29, 2012

Lush:Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb Review

So I did a post awhile back on my Lush shopping experience. And I
had mixed reviews on it. I had been so excited to try it out, then was a bit let down.
You can read it Here!
This past weekend after a busy week I thought id relax and soak my feet in a nice hot tub
with the help from Phoenix Rising. I don't use bath bombs to soak my whole body because
I have a bath tub but it's a bath/shower combo and it's not very big. So I always use them as a way
to relax my tired feet.

When I put it in the water I broke off half
of the bomb cause' they are very large and I didn't need the whole
thing. It made a very pretty color, and the inside was a pretty blue/green
color. I let my feet soak maybe 10 Min's, and my feet started to look purple-ish pink
and at the time I thought it must be my feet were hot. But then when I dried off
my feet they were PURPLE I couldn't believe it had dyed my feet.
And my towel, which had to be thrown away :(
My Feet
My towel
I really wish that the sales girl would have told me that this could happen.
If you plan to buy any Lush products I'd recommend to read reviews first. And order online!

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  1. Oh, and I was looking forward to try this one just'cause it looks nice.. Hmmm.. Maybe not? :-)