Monday, August 13, 2012

A Junk'N Thirfty Good Time


Long time no talk. :(
I really need to post alot more than I do. Awhile back I got a little to optimistic and said I was going to post everyday. Which turned into posting nothing at all.
So im going to come back and really try this time.

On to today's topic


Or whatever you wanna call it.

At least twice a week my Mom "Shelly" & I stop by our two favorite thrift shop's in town.
(I'm not going to tell y'all the names, because that's just not safe tellin' strangers where ya live!)

Anyhow, It can really save you alot of money,make you richer or go broke.

We tend to keep alot for ourselves but we also sell a bit on Ebay and Etsy, If we happen to make a lovely find.
I feel like alot of people are afraid to go into a thrift shop, I personally know some people who think they are to good to buy second hand or a at discounted price. Which is a total shame, just think of all the money they are spending to live a silly "I'm better than Ya'll!" kinda life.
I also know some people aren't willing to get their hands dirty or to dig. Cause' sometimes when looking for a good deal you have to do that.
But in the end it will be totally worth it.

You can buy anything this way. Home decor,furniture,clothing (just make sure its clean, and always wash after buying). I personally don't recommend buying Cosmetics or any beauty related items, Because you never know who touched it?
How old?
Lots of germs that you don't need to deal with.

I personally like looking for anything Old.

Antique Photographs (You'd be surprised at the amount of abounded family members, It makes me so sad to see that so I end up taking them home with me)

I also love accessories so I look through the:

It's a very fun hobby/job. It's always fun to un-earth things.

Recently I bought some Antique Fly Fishing Stuff and sold on Ebay. And made $60+ dollars :)

Antique Pre-1920 Marie Antoinette $10
(More than I normally pay for things.But I Loved her.)

1950's Pharmacy Prescription Boxes Around $3.00 each

Age Unknown Mappin and Webb Silver Seashell Dish $2.00
(Plan on using as a vanity piece to store earrings)

Just a few things I've found in the past month.

Id love to hear if you like to go Junkin'
Leave any fun finds in the comments below



  1. Those Items are quite unique and cool!
    great post!
    anyways, if you get a chance please check out my blog, and maybe follow ;)

  2. i love the things you got!