Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fantastic NEWS!

HI, Lovelies

Long time no talk. :(
Sorry about that, I really want to start trying alot harder on posting atleast 4 times a week if not try and get once a day.

Any how on to the amazing news I heard last night.......

As I posted a few weeks ago Urban Decay an animal friendly cosmetic company was going to start selling their product in China, which means that the Chinese government would then have the right to test UD's product on animals. Making this long standing cruelty free company no longer cruelty free.
When I found this out I was crushed. One of my all time favorite makeup products is their Primer Potion which is the best I have tryed. And Id recenlty fell in love with the 24/7 eye liners.

But last night I was in Wyoming on a little weekend trip with my family and before I went to bed thought Id check my email & Facebook and I had a post reply for UD, I thought "Wonder what this will say??" then I come to find out that later in the day that had announced after long debate that they are planning to NOT sell their product to the Chinese market, And I jumped for joy. I was so excited. So much so that I wanted to go shopping to show my support for the continued efforts of the cosmetic companies that aren't allowing China to test products with their name at a third party lab in a foreign country. And well I didn't get to, But  I sure wanted to.

This is just fantastic news. I just wanted to share this with everyone just in case you hadn't heard the news.


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