Thursday, June 7, 2012

Urban Decay No longer Animal Friendly?!?!

Yep, You read that title correct.

Urban Decay known for it's cruelty free products yesterday announced that they will no longer be standing by their mission statement.
They have decided to sell their products in China which now means that China can take Urban Decay products and test them on animals.

  Urban Decay is letting China use their brand to cause' harm to helpless animals.

As the Urban Decay website states that for 16 years they have been committed against the fight of animal testing, But with this recent news's I do not know how this can be true. Just because your company isn't testing the product on the animals but letting a third party test your products on animals in China is just wrong.

If I could tell the head of UD who has made this choice.
Id tell them:

"I have been a loyal fan of Urban Decay for almost 5 years now. I loved your products for the quality of the product and the fact that the company stood for the rights of animals. And didn't test nor used animal bi-products in their ingredients. Now that you will be letting China test your product on animals I will no longer be purchasing from you in the future once I run out of what I have already bought. This is very sad because I loved your company, Until I heard this VERY sad news!"

It's like Paul Watson saying "I think I'll start selling Whale Meat."

I posted the above on their Facebook page last night, So hopefully someone will see it.
I read a post on their that they lost over 7,000 likes last night. Which hopefully that will show them that what they did was not a good choice and that their loyal fans are not going to stand behind them on this.

In the end this company will have to live with this decision, And one that will lose thousands of loyal customers. To support animal testing of their brand by the Chinese government. All just to make more money.

What do you all think?

Will you still buy from Urban Decay?

Please share your thoughts with me in the comments below.



  1. I think this is definitely a money driven decision which is really sad. I'm going to stay away from UD I don't like the statement they issued either. They can't expect to be able to change a country when it's own people have had no success doing so.

    1. I totaly agree. I hate how they said that they aren't testing on animals but allowing a third party in China test their product on animals.

      It really bugs me, I know alot of products aren't cruelty free but Urban Decay's whole mission was to be cruelty free. I will really miss this brand :(