Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dita Von Teese'e Makeup Line

News broke awhile back now that
World famous Burlesque dancer/Pinup model
Dita Von Teese
was going to be launching a makeup line with German brand Artdeco.

The line will include: powder compact, four blushes, a gel eyeliner & brush, pencil eyeliner, as well as 12 individual eye shadows, mascara, false lashes (with and without rhinestones), six lipstick shades, two lip liners, a lip lacquer and four nail polish colors.

A small sampling of some of the collection:
Lip Lacquer

Glamour Eyeshadow No.520 - Brunesque

Lipstick No.637

And it was just released that sadly the collection isn't going to be coming over to the states.

Teese's classic style will make for beautiful makeup that will only be able to grace the faces of European women.

The Art deco site lists what stores in Germany you can buy the products from starting in June.

Hopefully for us American gals who love makeup & Dita's classic look, Will be granted the pleasure in the future to try her collection.
I think it would only be fair since she is an American Girl!

Germany why must you Teese us... ;)
xoxo EMILY

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