Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ombre: Love it Or Leave It?


So one of today's biggest trends in both beauty & fashion is Ombre.
Which if you have never seen it or heard of it, it's basically a dark color that fades into alight shade or darker shade, Depending on what kind of look your going for.
Ombre seems as though it started off as a way to grow your own hair back to it's natural color last year.
But this year I feel like if you're doing an Ombre look on your locks it's done more as a style rather than "I didn't want to do my roots!" moment.

Khloe Kardashian Odom
rocking nicely done Ombre locks.

Another cute trend is nails.
Which any girl can pull off.

Personally my favorite part of the trend is FASHION!
And mostly awesome & chic jeans.
The best I've seen have sadly been skinny jeans.
Which I myself being more of a tall (5'11) and
on the curvy side, Just can't rock them like petite girls. Such a shame :(

Hollie Cavanagh from American Idol a few weeks ago rocked an amazing pair of pink ombre skinnys that were simply fabulous.

Which now that I'm looking I can't find a picture :(

They look like these

Notify Jeans

Bamboo 75 Jeans in Pink

Price $253.00 Ouch!

For all I know these could have been the jeans.

Dulcecandy87 from
Did an amazing DIY video on how to make your own Ombre top.
Which looked amazing and was super easy.

PS She's rockin' the ombre locks and they look fab!

Another great place to look for this trend is
Land of Artist's!

My personal fav's:

$65.00 from Cocosheaven

they also have this bag is 3 sizes M-XL from $55-$75 in Blue,Pink (Shown above) Gray, & Orange.
Seller from California.

$50.00 From BZRshop
Comes in other color combos.
Seller From Georgia

Love those tights!

So my question to ya'll is Love it or leave it?

Would love to hear your thought's in the comments below :)


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  1. Oh my gosh I love those tights! And I'm not really a tights girl lol