Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Day Has Arrived...China Glaze Hunger Games Capitol Colours!


Sorry Ladies, For the high pitched scream that you didn't hear.

The day has arrived. And I am beyond thrilled!

China Glaze Capitol Colours

                                                                       Photo Credit:
                                                                       China Glaze

Photo Credit:
Mine :)

What I bought:
Smoke And Ashes (District 12)
Stone Cold (District 2)
Agro (District 11)
Hook And Line (District 4)
Fast Track (District 6)
Luxe And Lush (District 1)
Electrify (District 5)
I started off by just buying the colors I knew I had wanted when I seen the online press release. But then when I went to my local Sally's this morning I ended up liking alot more. And well ended up with 7 and I plan on going back to get the other 5 colors. (Bad Me! Spending so much on polish.)

I have bought China Glaze nail polishes in the past and have really liked them. So I'm really excited to try them all out.

My Mom tryed Agro & I tryed Smoke And Ashes, And both look really pretty on. Now I really want to go and get the other 5 that I left behind all by their lonesome. ;( So in the next few days this post will either be edited or I'll have a new post with them.


Overall liking:

Color pay-off:
Very good

Would you recommend them to a friend?:
YES, They are amazing colors. And anyone will love them even if their not a fan of the books.

If you'd like me to swatch any of the colors just let me know in the comments below.


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