Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Review

A couple weeks ago on the Nars Facebook page they were giving away samples of their new tinted moisturizer and me being lover of all things FABULOUS & FREE I signed up and was lucky enough to have got not only one but TWO free samples.(Not really sure why I was sent two but thats ok)  More is always better ;)

So yesterday morning I was so excited to try it. First off id have to say it was alittle liquidy for my taste, And it made me look not really moisturized but greasy. I had the color St.Moritz which I thought would've been perfect. But sadly nope. In my room where I put my makeup on the lighting wasn't so good but it didnt look to bad. So I was like "What the heck i'll ware it while I run a few errand's, And re-do for dinner tonight." well that wasn't the best idea because once I went into the sun light I was told by my (Shopping buddy aka Mom) that I had a blotchy spot (Oops!) and when I looked it was a blob of ORANGE my makeup pet peeve, I was MORTIFIED! I was just about to enter Target. So I ended up blending out the yikes spot and went inside(Feeling a wee bit embarrassed) then came home and took it all off. I plan on trying it for the summer months when I'm tanner but even when I'm tan I don't think I'll look orange. So I guess,I'll give it atleast 1 more try. For my personal taste and $42 dollars I wouldn't buy it. But if I could get it for free or a gift in my right color id try it again. And next time i'll not be as quick and blend it better ;)

They were high.

Overall liking:
Not horrible but alittle pricey

Light/Medium for me I have some acne scars and blemishes so I like a little bit more masking of that and it did pretty good.

Would I recommend this to a friend?:
Well, yes. If they swatched the color first.My Mom also got a free sample and the color Alaska worked fine on her and she liked it.

And lastly it should look like your skin but better if you apply it correctly and use your proper shade :)


PS. Now that i have swatched it for you and blended it on my hand it doesnt look so bad. When my face is darker in the summer it just might work! Yay :)


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