Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 Years Later

Hey, Everybody

As you already know tomorrow marks 10 years since the 9/11 attacks.

Where were you when you found out?

New York City

Washington DC



We lost so many Innocent citizens, brave civilians & heroic men & women that day, I will never forget them or what happened. I was almost 9 yrs. old and so scared. Our country, My home was under attack. I lived over 1,700 miles away from where the first attack happened but that was still apart of my country. And those were our people trapped in the buildings that were now on fire and full of toxic smoke.

I remember that day as though it was yesterday.
My Mom woke me up to come watch Good Morning America or one of those morning shows. She told me a plane has crashed into a building in New York City. I just remember thinking "How could a plane hit such a large building?" "They must have seen it?" At the time I was so young, I was very mature for my age but I still couldn't understand it. I was just so confused. I remember seeing the look on my parents face. My Dad was confused, My Mom sad & scared. The first thing she thought was "We are under attack!" where unlike my Dad who has always jumped to the worst scenario possible right off the bat just thought it was an accident. Looking back I remember just sitting there in shock, In my pjs on the living room floor. Utter shock was the look of my entire family's face that morning.

I was glued to the TV, All morning & all day. I watched as smoke filled the skyline. Watched as people ran through the streets screaming and crying. Then I watched as people started running out of the pentagon. And I seen that a plane went down in a field. That day was filled with such horror and disbelief. Watching the towers fall was an unforgettable moment that will live on in my mind until the day I die. To this day I can't watch a news clip of 9/11 without chills all over my body and tears running down my face, No matter if its 10 years or even 20 years later this will affect Americans who seen it all live in person or on their television screen.

That day my family was so afraid. I remember we didn't want to go anywhere or leave our house. My dad stayed home from work that day. We all just sat around the living room watching the news. Watching as it all unfolded getting worse each passing minute as people above the burning floors started jumping out the windows. That's when I freaked, I couldn't believe how bad it must have been for them to think jumping out of the building was better than staying.

The night of September 11th 2001 I was supposed to be going to a church youth group event with my best friend Mikaela and her little sister, Held each year. It was a fun event, With story telling,jokes,games and chances to win prizes. We didn't go, I think it was canceled that evening I don't really remember. All I remember was asking my mother "Why wouldn't someone want to hurt all those people like that?" and asking "What is the World Trade Center?" I knew the Pentagon was a government building, But I still didn't understand why us? If they didn't like our president or government, Why would they want to hurt the people living there. They had never met us so how could they now if they wanted to hurt us, If they didn't even know what kind of people we were. At 9 yrs. old I didn't understand what a terrorist was or why they did what they did. To this day I still don't quite understand how someone could do such horrendous things.

Those are some of my memories and thoughts from that day. An unforgettable moment in my life any so many others in the US & around the world.


I want to thank all those who bravely stepped up to help. And all the EMT, Fire fighters & first responders who ran into the burning buildings as everyone else was running away. You are truly amazing & brave. We will never forget all that you done and sacrificed that day. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

May all those lost that day be remembered & never forgotten.


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